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Are you looking to connect locally with other women in business? Do you own your own business? Maybe you are in sales for a larger corporation? Are you a professional woman looking to be around others or just excited about surrounding yourself with like minded women in an incredible community atmosphere? We have you covered! Meeting locally gives you the additional opportunity to connect with women, network, be motivated and inspired, as well as collaborate with women right around the corner. As women, when we ban together to lift each other up, we become stronger as a community.


november 2023

Chapter Leader

I made Chattanooga home 8 years ago when my husband Bobby and I decided to raise our family here. We have two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Ansli, who are our world. I devote most of my time to my family, but when I’m not with them, you can find me planning events for SSA Beauty Bar, hitting up Pilates classes or spending time with friends. My background of cosmetology, marketing and event planning has given me a strong love for community and bringing people together. I have a deep appreciation for social networking, serving and making connections with others. I am so grateful to be here to help TWC bring the women of Chattanooga together!

Sable Cameron



If you are looking to immerse yourself in a community of growth focused women who are going to encourage you and support you in your success then TNWC is for you!

-Danielle Ballard


Being a member of TNWC will bless you with other Business Owners that may have experiences that will help you in your business process, referrals, friendships and an overall value of being connected to other Women business owners in your community!

-Lisa Biles Thomas


TNWC is such a needed concept for women, especially as we are all more isolated these days due to technology, working from home, etc. TNWC is full of amazing women who are all hungry for connection and friendship. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive of other women, so it’s a great place to make new friends, gain business for yourself, and find businesses that can help you in your own life!

-Mandi McCoy


TN Women Connect has been INCREDIBLY beneficial to my personal and professional life. As a small business owner, it can often feel like I am on an island making strategic decisions by myself. The wealth of knowledge and experience at any given event provides me with an opportunity to learn and see things from other viewpoints. Although I put on an outgoing front, I am naturally introverted – my goal at each event is to get to know one new person – this has allowed me build my community and has opened the door to many additional networks, which is crucial for my business. My confidence has grown exponentially because the more events I attend, the more comfortable I have become voicing what I do and why I do it. The events are fun and inviting, I have always felt genuinely welcomed and like I have a whole group of women cheering me on. The membership directory has been a FANTASTIC way to connect with women all throughout Metro Nashville – I love grabbing coffee in a 1:1 setting so I can learn ways I can help grow other women’s businesses.

– Erin Arnett, KB Elliott Financial Advisors


TNWC has been a game changer for me, my business AND my personal life! I’ve gained multiple new clients ($$) and, what’s more, I’ve gained some really great friends. The ROI has been well worth it! I can’t recommend TNWC enough to anyone who is looking for new business, education and networking with other ambitious, driven business women!

– Tina Phillips, 615 Innovations


There has never been a group of women that I have met so many wonderful friends from and so quickly! I have felt so supported by this community, both personally and professionally, as I opened two new businesses this past year! Who knew that networking could be so much fun? I am forever grateful to have found my community of incredible women and excited to continue to grow along with Tennessee Women Connect!

– Valentina Bain, Integrate Wellness Coach

Event Sponsorship Opportunity

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SPONSOR A Connection Event

Are you interested in stepping in the spotlight at one of our networking events? Looking to expand your ability to share what your business does, influence and attract more customers? Perfect! You now have the opportunity to be a sponsor of a monthly coffee, lunch, or happy hour! You can become a sponsor of a connection event soon by clicking on the link below and registering!


  1. Select and purchase your sponsorship and choose your city of choice.
  2. Complete questionnaire with business information
  3. Sponsors are marketed on social media with atleast two social posts and in emails listed as the sponsor.
  4. Sponsors receive 5-10 minutes to present your business to the group at the event
  5. Sponsors may collect business cards to draw a winner for giveaways.
  6. Get ready to make more connections and share more about your business!

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