TN Women Connect LIVE:


October 20, 2022
The Loveless Barn

TN Women Connect LIVE conference is coming up on October 20, 2022, and we want YOU to be there with us! Tickets are now available, and you want to get in early so you’re one of the women that get to network, learn, and cultivate ABUNDANCE with us! We have an exceptional speaker line-up of local businesswomen who will share how to grow your business and have ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. We also have a panel of speakers titled “Success Stories,” which is a LIVE podcast recording that will be released later this year. So go ahead and get your ticket and scroll through all the info about this year’s TN Women Connect LIVE event!


Our Emcee



Britney Campbell is the senior vice president of marketing and public relations of Legends Bank and founder and co-creator of Her Bank.With her banking experience and passion for championing women, she was inspired to co-create Legends Bank’s newest brand for women, Her Bank, which launched in May of 2021.


We’re excited about the speaker line-up this year, and you will be too. We invited women from all over the Nashville area to speak to you about various aspects of having ABUNDANCE in your life. These women represent every type of industry and business you can imagine. They all have a passion for helping other female entrepreneurs reach their goals while balancing the rest of life. This group of speakers is a powerhouse group of CEOs, Executives, Founders, and Coaches ready to show you what success is all about and how to grab hold of your success and nurture it to meet your goals. 

Keynote Speaker:
Sherry Deutschmann

The Power of Story

Brielle Cotterman

When it comes to creating connections there is nothing as powerful as story! Whether networking with strategic partners or pursuing publicity, it’s crucial to know Brielle Cotterman’s Profitable Story Telling Format:tm: and the three stories that can take your business to the next level!

Brielle will be joined by TN Women Connect Founder & CEO, Lucy Miller for an interactive workshop that will set you up for success in both business and publicity.

Success Stories

Our special LIVE panel is full of powerful women that are going to be participating in a live recording of a podcast with Sydney Dozier as she moderates this discussion titled “Success Stories.” You’ll learn a lot from these women discussing all the essential aspects of success, what it means to them, and how they have found it. There’s sure to be an ABUNDANCE of personal revelations and lessons that you can learn from these ladies. 

Sydney Dozier with Renaissance Marketing is going to be moderating a panel called Success Stories. The panel will be filmed and recorded as a LIVE podcast for her show! Panelists include Raven Hernandez, Jamie Heard, Heather Locke and Shani Dowel.

Take advantage of member pricing, if you are not a member, become one today!

The Networking Event You Don’t Want to Miss

The TN Women Connect LIVE conference is taking place at the Loveless Barn. You get a ticket to THE networking event of the year and enjoy delicious food, tasty beverages, and a beautiful ambiance. We will have a morning networking session that includes biscuits and hot coffee (you don’t even need to worry about breakfast!) and a happy hour networking time to close the event in the evening. If that isn’t enough for you, there’s an additional VIP Luncheon you can add to your ticket where you can mingle with our speakers. 

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