Amanda Spence

I'm Amanda Spence, CEO of The Holistic Collective. I am happily married and a mother to four boys. I homeschool my younger three sons. My oldest son is a US Marine and I am one proud mom! I love Jesus, CrossFit and helping people find holistic remedies for almost every ailment. This the fourth business I have started. My third business, mobile massage therapy, is still up and running successfully. I am an introvert, but have a mission so I'm working on bringing out some of my extroverted self that I know is deep down inside.

I found a need for connecting people to holistic providers through several personal experiences. One example was in 2017 my son was having severe migraines lasting days on end. After numerous doctor appointments, including the neurologist he was told he was depresses and prescribed two medications and told to also use Tylenol. He wasn't depressed. I decided to take him to a chiropractor and after one x-ray we saw that he had pretty bad scoliosis in his neck that wouldn't possibly straighten without manual manipulation. We immediately disposed of the medications and began seeing this chiropractor. After several adjustments and traction his neck was beginning to straighten out and the pain began to subside. This is only one of the several instances I have personally experienced where holistic services brought better results than western medicine. It's so important to find the root cause of the problem instead of masking them with medication. We have the tools (manual manipulation, herbs, essential oils, plants)  we just need to learn how to use them.

Some of my client's situations have also inspired me to create this alternative health directory. Simply put, I want natural health and wellness to be easily available and understood.