Caitlin Raymond

Caitlin is the Owner and Physical Therapist of Engage Physical Therapy. Before starting the business, she spent the past 7 years performing orthopedic and sports physical therapy in a variety of outpatient physical therapy settings. She desires to constantly learn, grow and provide the best care for her patients. This led her to complete an Orthopedic Residency program and become Board-Certified in Orthopaedics. 

To further help her clients who are often times moms, she has started to pursue a speciality in women's health including prenatal/postpartum care, pelvic floor dysfunctions, diastasis recti and pelvic pain. The more she practices, the more she realizes many people can benefit from pelvic floor therapy.

Caitlin loves to be active and played D1 softball through college, graduating from UNCW. She believes "once an athlete, always an athlete". Just because aging happens, does not mean our bodies are meant to slow down. She is passionate about helping others continue to be active for a LONG time and she loves helping women get stronger. Caitlin is on a mission to prevent unnecessary surgeries, injections or medications and help people heal naturally from their injuries.

Caitlin is a Nashville native and just recently moved back. In her spare time, she loves to spend it hiking, running, lifting weights, reading and hanging with her husband Michael and pups Weller & Harlen.