Jolene Doktorczyk

Entrepreneurs often place themselves in the precarious position of having "all of their eggs in one basket." We made the same mistake when we began our journey, and learned the hard way to never be in that position again.  Through relationship cultivation and God's grace, we have never done a single "cold transaction", and now have ownership partnerships in multiple businesses.  Life is all about delivering value and not worrying about what you get out of it. Learning to grow past transactional relationships will set you free in business, I promise you, God's economy is amazing.

This is my first time in a "women's group". I have learned I am a bit of a unicorn in how I view business, and I look forward to the adventure.

You will notice all of my social platforms are joined with my better half, Ryan.  We have been married and business partners for over 23 years.  (He is never on social media so you will always be talking to me.)