Olivia Smith

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, and raised by parents who made it their life’s work to serve others, I learned early about the importance of investing in people and the power each of has within us to achieve our goals.

My career is based upon a 38-year foundation in various professions.  After graduating from Vanderbilt University, I started my career as Registered Nurse working the specialties of Emergency Room, Surgical Intensive Care, Trauma and Organ Transplantation.  From there I became a small business owner, an accountant and most recently,     founder of a nonprofit organization in Franklin, TN.

Through my work with the nonprofit, I work with many women who have experienced childhood trauma and specifically childhood sexual abuse.  Through our women’s stories I have gained a new understanding of the ravages of childhood trauma and in particular, childhood sexual abuse.  The statistics on childhood sexual abuse are startling for both men and women before age 18.  This sparked in me a desire to be involved in activities that focus on the prevention of this horrible scurge on our society because I see how it literally destroys lives. I am a trained facilitator of a Childhood Sexual Prevention workshop and am happy to this present this workshop to any group that is interested in acquiring this training.

In my role as a Certified Professional Development Coach, I work with busy professionals who have it all together on the outside but are falling apart on the inside due to low self-esteem.  There are many reasons you might experience low self-esteem: relationship struggles, divorce, grief, loss, or past trauma.  Together we embark on a journey of personal development which illuminates the unique strengths and gifts you possess to identify and remove your roadblocks, allowing you to love and respect yourself and empowering you to achieve your goals.

In spite of all that life throws at us, I believe in the resilience of the human spirit. My education and experience working with individuals who are struggling due to past traumas, grief, loss and many other difficult issues has allowed me to develop a proven process of taking clients from where they are now to where they want to be.