Tammy Redmond

I have been an entreprenur for the past 27 years. I spend 12 years as a Real Estate Agent selling residential properties. I was top selling and listing agent during this time period. I then moved into Real Estate Appraisal and founded my own company. I was an appraiser for 15 years and grew my business and started to train other women to become appraisers. Not long ago, I closed this business and started coaching women in numerous types of business activities. However, I soon realized that most women struggled with managing their time between work and home. This is an area where I was able to add the most value through my coaching. 

So now I am focusing on coaching busy women to manage their time better, reduce overwhelm and be more productive. Managing your time is personal and  I help create personalized plans that are adaptable. It's time to enjoy your business and life at the same time!